Jörg Türschmann is professor for French and Spanish Literature and Media at the Department of Romance Studies, University of Vienna. His research interests are transnational relations between literature and cinema in Argentina, Spain, France, the Caribbean and Canada, moreover their relations with German-speaking countries. Furthermore, he is interested in television series, popular culture and film music. He has worked as film distributor and as organizer and jury member for film festivals in Germany, France and Switzerland.

He obtained a PhD about French Film Theory and wrote his habilitation thesis about 19th century serial novels in Spain, France and Italy. He has published books on transnationality in cinema and television: Miradas glocales: Cine español en el cambio de milenio (2007), TV global (2011), Transnational Cinema in Europe (2013). His most recent publications are Estéticas globales hispánicas (L’Atalante 26, 2018) and La literatura argentina y el cine (2019).

He has organized international research projects, which were dedicated to transnationality in film and television productions, in cooperation with the University Carlos III in Madrid and the University of Buenos Aires. He is co-director of the Center for Canadian Studies at the University of Vienna and a member of the commission “The North Atlantic Triangle” of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.